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This Phone holder is perfect to combine your Smartphone with any kind of tripod and monopod providing a 1/4 universal screw head.

This phone holder will enable you to quickly combine your Smartphone with any tripod / monopod in order to shoot stable photos/videos with unique angles.

This device is compatible with all major Smartphones and other small-medium sized mobile phones.

This fixation is small and easy to carry and will hold your phone in any situation.


Compatible with: iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung and all major Smartphones.

Ultimate smartphone support, secure and adjustable.

Folded Size: 52 x 64mm Unfolded Size: 52 x 81mm.

Mounts straight to tripod or monopod with 1/4 universal screw head.

Watch your photos and videos with ease when on the move or at home.

Home for your smartphone when not in your pocket.


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